Rudy Kizer, Hit The Decks Radio : “What the hell can you really say about Andy D that hasn’t been said before. Prince by way of Danny McBride, the electro cool of Fischerspooner mated to the idiot fun of early Beastie Boys, the bastard child of 80s excess and modern hipster cool. Except that doesn’t really capture a live Andy D set – quite possibly, words can’t do it justice…. The lothario swagger and hyperkinetic energy coming from a less-than-svelt Andy is never self-conscious, and the commitment to the performance makes you give less-than-a-shit that he’s no supermodel. Whatever “it” is, Andy D has it by the bucket-full.”

Andy D has been conquering the world one music scene at a time over the last two years as a full-time, internationally touring independent artist. Along with his wife, Anna Vision, and his Shreddy Kruger guitarist, Lord Midnite, Andy D has been putting his heart, sweat, and ass on stage around the world. Like his many influences: Har Mar Superstar, Electric Six, Andrew W.K., Peaches, and others, but without the same mainstream recognition, he has become more than just a musician on a stage—he is a source of inspiration, an icon, and his growing fan-base of loyal followers reflects this.

His live shows have become the stuff of legend; this and his flexibility of style are proven in the bands he has been asked to open for and tour with: Electric Six, Har Mar Superstar, Of Montreal, Matt and Kim, Das Racist, VHS or Beta, 2 Live Crew, Green Jello, and Big Freedia, along with numerous other bands that run the genre gamut from Hip Hop to Folk-Rock to Hardcore. His music itself is as genre-elusive as most bands claim to be;  part epicurean hip-hop-dance songs, part sincere dreamy electro tracks, and part high-energy rock n’ roll, being eclectic and catchy is the only goal.

Andy D released his sophomore album, Songs In The Key Of Magic, in March 2011 on Roaring Colonel Records and he released his third studio album Warcries in January of 2013 on Rad Summer.

Combining rap, rock, and humor, Andy D is best experienced in flesh rather than talked about, but the following press best describes him:

Dick Valentine of Electric Six: Now THAT’S a business model!

Robert Cross, Sirius XMU : “Holy Shit!  I don’t know what I was expecting him to look like but he surpassed my wildest expectations.  Amazing.  Thanks for the entertainment.”

Space City Rock: “Songs In The Key Of Magic is like what Devo might’ve sounded like if they’d met the Beastie Boys back in the early ’80s and started partying and getting stoned together, then crafted a funky, dancey, utterly batshit insane album full of songs about magic, unicorns, wizards, vikings, and rainbows. Oh, and sex. Lots and lots and lots of sex. Squint a little, and Andy almost looks like an ever more sex-obsessed Har Mar Superstar, with the fact that I have no idea if either performer is serious adding to the resemblance. And I have to say, I never, ever thought I’d hear the words “I’m a warlock with your junk!” delivered without a hint of irony.”

Gizmodo: “I have funded more Kickstarters than I care to admit. Somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen. The only ones I have not regretted were …  Andy D’s forthcoming album, Warcries. (It is liquid sound insanity.)”

To buy music digitally:



Physical copies are available in AIMS music stores:


for booking contact Andy: rockslow@gmail.com

for press contact Andy: rockslow@gmail.com

Label Contact: label@radsummer.com

Contact Andy D directly: rockslow@gmail.com

Follow on Twitter: @andylovesyou

Follow on Tumblr: getfreakywiththevd.tumblr.com

Subscribe on Youtube: youtube.com/partywerewolf

Friend on Facebook: facebook.com/andydlovesyou

Like on Facebook: facebook.com/andydlovesyou2

and Musical Family Tree: musicalfamilytree.com/band/andy_d

and Myspace: myspace.com/rockslow




5 Responses to “Home”

  1. Guy Says:

    come to the uk andy with e6 saw you on Internet last night what a star luv ya

  2. Heather Vitrano Says:

    Just saw u in Ybor.. I believe in u… Too flippin funny!

  3. jubal Says:

    Wow. “Alaska” is poppin’ fresh!

  4. Frank Says:

    Dude is pure amazingness. On fire. Fighting a shark.

  5. Daniel Domanowski Says:

    We saw you guys last night in Columbus at Double Happiness. I’m glad we stuck around after our friends band Teen Fiction played, because you guys rocked our asses off and I’m now going to tell all of our friends to check it out. Definitely checking out that Friday show in Michigan, too!

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